Checkov Basic Practices Ensuring Secure Infrastructure as Code

On January 3, 2024


With Infrastructure as Code (IaC) becoming more popular, it’s important to ensure that the code is secure. This blog will discuss Checkov, an open-source tool that can be used to scan and validate IaC code for security vulnerabilities. It will provide an overview of Checkov’s architecture and integration steps, along with use cases and dashboards.

Architecture of Blog

The blog will begin with an introduction to IaC and the need for security in IaC code. It will then move on to discuss Checkov’s architecture and how it works. Next, it will provide integration steps for Checkov with data sources and Wazuh, along with POCs for each. Finally, the blog will conclude with a discussion of use cases and dashboards.

Integration Steps from Data Sources end with POC

The first integration step will be with data sources. Checkov can integrate with a variety of data sources, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The blog will discuss how to integrate Checkov with AWS, along with a POC.

Integration Steps from Wazuh End with POC

Wazuh is an open-source security platform that can be used to monitor and protect infrastructure. Integrating Checkov with Wazuh allows for the centralized management and monitoring of security vulnerabilities across multiple environments.

To integrate Checkov with Wazuh, follow these steps:

• Install the Checkov Wazuh plugin

• Configure Checkov to use the Wazuh plugin

Once Checkov is configured, it will automatically send alerts to Wazuh for any security vulnerabilities found during scans.

Use cases & Dashboards

Checkov can be used to scan IaC code for a variety of security vulnerabilities, including:

• Incorrect access control permissions

• Weak encryption settings

• Misconfigured network security groups

• Non-compliant infrastructure settings

Checkov provides a variety of dashboards for viewing the results of scans, including a compliance dashboard, a risk dashboard, and a summary dashboard. The dashboards provide a visual representation of the security posture of the infrastructure and allow for quick identification of vulnerabilities and compliance issues.

Conclusion of the blog

In conclusion, Checkov is a powerful tool that can be used to ensure the security of IaC code. By integrating with data sources and security platforms like Wazuh, Checkov can provide automatic scanning and centralized management of security vulnerabilities across multiple environments. Checkov’s architecture and rule-based approach make it a flexible and customizable tool.