Cyber security Awareness

On December 5, 2023

Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness

In today’s digital world, cybersecurity knowledge is critical to protecting against cyber threats such as phishing, malware, and hacking. It is critical to safeguard personal information since cybercriminals can use it for fraudulent purposes. Cybersecurity awareness is critical for individuals, businesses, and governments, and it necessitates the knowledge and behaviours that are necessary to remain safe online, such as using strong passwords, updating software, being wary of suspicious emails, using antivirus software, and protecting personal information. Individuals may defend themselves and their digital assets from potential cyber-attacks by staying aware, cautious, and proactive.

Evolution of the CS awareness program

The changing world of cyber threats and the need for individuals and businesses to protect against them have contributed to the development of the cybersecurity awareness programme. Early cybersecurity awareness efforts concentrated on fundamental topics like strong passwords and antivirus software. The programmes evolved over time to address more complicated concerns including social engineering, phishing, and ransomware. In recent years, there has been a substantial shift towards more participatory and engaging training methods, such as digital marketing and simulation. Furthermore, with the increased usage of technology and the popularity of remote work, cybersecurity awareness training is becoming more necessary than ever. As cyber threats evolve, so will the cybersecurity awareness programme, with a focus on staying ahead of and protecting against the latest threats.

Challenges faced in implementing CS awareness

With all the benefits that cyber security provides; it also comes with its own set of obstacles.

The following cyber security awareness barriers exist:

• Lack of awareness: Many people are unaware of the importance of cyber security.

• Lack of education and training: Many individuals and organizations lack sufficient understanding and training in cyber security best practises.

• Rapidly changing technology: The world of cyber security is continually evolving, making it difficult to stay on top with the latest trends and dangers.

• Limited budget and resources: Cyber security measures can be expensive to establish and maintain, and many organisations may have neither the money nor resources to invest in sustainable solutions.

• Human error: Despite advances in technology and security, human error can still play a significant role in cyber security breaches.

• Cultural barriers: Employees may be unwilling to report suspicious activities or disclose mistakes that could lead to security breaches due to cultural barriers.

• Lack of leadership: Leadership support is critical for effective cybersecurity awareness, as lack of prioritization from top management can result in difficulty in obtaining resources and employee buy-in.

How we spread CS awareness to our clients?

We promote cyber security awareness among our clients by offering comprehensive training programs that includes:

• Cyber Security awareness videos and quizzes.

• Weekly newsletter covering latest cyber security news and trends.

• Awareness campaign run through emailers and social media.

• Different communication methods used such as standees, posters, and flyers.

• External training provided for cyber security awareness.