Cybersecurity 2020 – The Human Machine & Software element

On January 20, 2018

Cybersecurity now requires a more holistic approach with you having to ascertain and manage the Software, Hardware & Human element. To better protect themselves holistically, it is of paramount importance for organizations to actively take care of all of the interconnected elements working in it. Namely Software, Hardware & Human element. Let us take a look how each of these will be impacting Cybersecurity in 2020.


Greater Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With 78% of brands already employing and planning to employ AI by 2020 & growing at a CAGR of 29%. AI has taken a huge chunk of cyberspace and growing. But there are both upsides and downsides to AI in cybersecurity. On the one hand, network managers in 2020 will increase their use of AI and machine learning to defend against attacks. This technology will allow companies to prepare for threats, identify and reinforce weaknesses, and even prevent and respond to issues that arise.

But they’ll also be fighting fire with fire as cybercriminals find new ways to use AI to their advantage. Just as automation and AI make company operations more manageable, they also create more dangerous, efficient threats to Internet security.

Securing the growth of IoT

“In 2020, widespread transformation will become a necessity as organizations will need to build security into IoT devices and applications rather than bolting it on to existing technology. Repercussions of not prioritizing this will become dire as connected devices evolve from seemingly trivial tools such as thermostats and refrigerators towards higher stake technology such as autonomous vehicles and more. Without building security into these environments, organizations will put end-users’ physical safety, privacy and more at risk” – According to an independent research done.

Insider & Human threat

Relentless reporting of new, high-profile insider threat breaches will push many more businesses to finally take insider threat seriously enough to formalize programs and allocate more budget to protecting their IP. In 2019, at least half of data breaches involved an insider, but in 2020, this figure could exceed 60%. Companies will begin to lean into new technologies designed distinctly for protecting from insider threat, rather than shoe-horning in outdated technologies that are ineffective because they were never intended for that purpose. More than 20% of organizations will begin actively measuring what departing employees take from their organization”—Joe Payne, President and CEO, Code42

So there you have it folks. Securing & integrating the human machine & Software element is the single biggest need and challenge for businesses in 2020. The best way to go on about it is understanding that Cybersecurity is no longer just the responsibility of the technical and Security teams but every component of the business has to be equally responsible and aware of the cybersecurity threats and status affecting their individual areas.