Importance of Deception Technology in Healthcare Industry

On December 8, 2020

Client Information and Data Security is an utmost requirement in today’s information age. Healthcare is one such industry where securing the patients’ information is very crucial; be it a health care facility, health insurance office, medical equipment producing unit, or any company working closely with healthcare services. Due to advancements in technology and the ease of storing data online, a tremendous amount of critical patient records and other sensitive information are stored on the internet. Since a lot is at stake, it is the foremost duty of the healthcare industry to safeguard its material.

Every year millions of patient’s data are stolen by hackers. A medical record carries important details of the patients, such as their medical history, contact numbers, credit card details, etc. The hackers sell these data in the market or misuse it that can lead to dangerous complications. Not only the patient’s information but the computer and other hospital devices are also compromised.

Access to any such device allows the hackers to conduct a focused attack on specific machines of the hospital. For instance, they can directly control the setting of a life-supporting equipment such as an embedded peace-maker. Hence, taking corrective steps to curb the cyberattacks is the need of the hour.

This is where deception technology plays a pivotal role. It is an efficient system that helps in detecting advanced threats, and collecting and reporting such incidents.

How To Safeguard Patient’s Data And the Hospital Devices?

The requirement of strong security measures in the healthcare sector is quite apparent to ensure the safety of the patient’s health records.

Below are some best practices to adopt to improve security and limit damage during breaches:

  • Familiarizing the hospital’s top management about weak security and its impact on patient data.

  • Guiding them to use strong passwords at all entry points to minimize the risk of the hackers accessing data by simply guessing the right combination of words and numbers.

  • Conducting a proper assessment of the hospital’s firewall and taking strict security measures.

  • Making use of the latest technology such as Deception Intelligence; which changes the asymmetry of an attack and disrupts the hackers intentions. It causes confusion as to what is real data and what is fake by creating decoys so that the hacker reveals himself.

  • Preparing a team that can quickly act when a security breach is detected so that the damage can be minimized.

What is Deception Technology?

Deception technology is one such technology that can assist you to prevent cyber attacks in your infrastructure. This technology works by creating virtual traps or deception decoys that seem like legitimate assets.

This kind of a highly interactive deceptive environment enables one to not only monitor the attacker’s methods but also use the knowledge to prevent future attacks and further understand what information the hacker may have been after.

Benefits of Deception Technology in the Healthcare Industry:

  • Securing your data Deception Technology allows you to keep the patient’s medical information, hospital systems, documents associated with claim-processing, as well as financial information safe and secure. The movement of every data is scrutinized by this intelligent technology to protect it from theft or damage.

  • Detect Threats In Advance his smart technology works by creating traps or deception decoys that hampers none but the attackers. These traps mimic the real environment to entice hackers and confuse them. They end up thinking that they have discovered a way to steal data,and expose themselves. And, once these traps are triggered, notifications are broadcasted to a centralized deception server that records the affected decoys and the information of the attack vectors used by the cybercriminal. Thus, it helps your security agents to detect the cyberattack threats well in advance and act upon it quickly.

  • Easy To Use and Budget-Friendly Infopercent’s hi-tech deception intelligence named Chhal is designed to serve the organizations with easy to use and secure mechanisms. We understand that businesses with limited resources often become a victim of the cyberattack and it hampers the overall functioning, hence we have introduced a budget-friendly technology to serve you in the best manner.

In conclusion: Organizations operate under the assumption that a breach is inevitable and is ready in case one does occur. As they prepare a response team; it is crucial to understand the company that designed the system, its functionality and its ability to notify the threats. This is especially critical as it helps in mitigating the impact of the attack. A fast and prompt response helps prevent the hacker from obtaining critical medical records, and misusing the resources.

The team at Infopercept has an intricately designed system that blends smoothly with your organization’s infrastructure and efficiently identifies, deploys, and operates enabling a safe and secure network. The Security Optimization Center (SOC) team at Infopercept ensures a worry-free handling of your organization’s infrastructure so that your focus continues to remain on your core motto of saving lives!