Security Optmization Center & How It Helps

On March 4, 2020

Let me ask you some questions. How many security software and tools do you need, how many tools do you already have & how many new tools have you recommended for your company? 6 ,7, 12 or maybe more than that. Are you sure that these tools and software are optimized to work efficiently for your organization? Or are they even needed on top of the already installed Security tools? Are they giving you a reasonable security ROI? These are some of the questions that security experts need to ask themselves everyday about their Security assets and investments. After all Cybersecurity is an ongoing process that needs to be upgraded and improved each day so as to stay protected. But there is definitely more to Cybersecurity preparedness, then just adding more and more security layers for your organizations.

This is highly demanding as the expertise to properly operate & implement these tools is quite complex and known by very few professionals.

To arrive at a solution, we need a Security Optimization Center (SOC). The Security Optimization Center has the right balance of security experts & professionals who are committed 24/7 to maintain your organization’s security level through the various security levels. The SOC not only monitors and collects all the security logs but also effectively takes steps to correct those security incidents. So effectively shifting the emphasis of monitoring to proactive security action.

SOC provides you with a dedicated 24/7 cybersecurity for your organization. Ensuring that the problem is only reported but no corresponding action is taken towards it.

With an advanced SOC Service in place, you get immense benefit in terms of getting exact data and information about the various security incidents in your PC like:

  • Attempt to stop AV services

  • Virus detection

  • Data exfiltration

  • Antivirus Failed to Clean / Quarantine / Remove Malware

  • Multiple Failed Login Attempts to VPN—“ Repeated Login Failure”

  • Audit Policy Setting Change

  • Multiple logins from different locations- “User Logged In From Multiple Countries”

  • SEPM : Intrusion Prevention disabled

Still unsure whether you need an SOC or not. Reach out to an expert security Service provider to get an assessment / consultation that will help you decide how to secure yourself. A professionally managed SOC will lower your risk exposure as well as give you the best ROI on your Security assets, it can be the best security investment that you can make for your Company.