Stay Safe This Holiday Season With These 7 Cybersecurity Tips

On December 19, 2023

H - Hold on to your passwords - like dear life!

Passwords are the first line of defense for your network against unauthorized use. The stronger your password the more protected is your computer and network. Use long passwords and difficult ones that do not include your name, date of birth, pets name or other details about you that may be easily accessible. Never share your passwords with anybody.

O – Open Wi-Fi Network? Nah Nah…….Never use open networks!

It is very easy for a hacker to come in between you and an unsecured Wi-Fi network. He can use this position of advantage to distribute malware into your network. When you connect to a specific website using public Wi-Fi, you are inviting the hacker into your network and exposing all the sensitive information that you may type such as credit card details, bank details, etc. Never use free public Wi-Fi.

L - Links unknown? Beware - After All the Risk and the Loss Is Yours!

Cyber criminals send out emails in bulk with an attachment or a hyperlink that appear to be legitimate. In reality, the attachment is actually a malware and the hyperlink masquerades as a link to an authentic website. You may end up giving out your confidential and sensitive information to the hackers. Never click on unknown links

I - Install Security Firewalls – Else Damage Can Be as Devastating as a Fire!

A firewall protects your network from unsolicited emails and other links. It assesses the incoming traffic and validates access. A hardware firewall is a physical device stored between your network and the gateway whereas a software firewall is a software program that is installed on your computer. Always install security firewalls.

D - Document/Data safety is in your hands - Wash Hands not Your Documents

You will in all likelihood going to be carrying copies of your passport and other important documents while travelling on your holiday. In order to keep them safe, encrypt your mobile (if you are using a cloud storage mobile app) and the hard drive on your laptop. So even if they are hacked or stolen, the data will be of no use to the hacker. Always encrypt your devices.

A – Authentication - More the Merrier - OTP + SSL + SSO + Hidden Diary + Treasure Box+ Pirate Codes

The more layers of security that you add to your devices the harder it is for the hacker to access them. A multi-factor authentication gives you the additional protection you need by asking you to use fingerprint authentication or sends you an alert if it detects access from an untrusted device or asks you to enter a security code. Always use multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your devices

Y – You are now Secure – Time to Holiday!

Follow the above simple tips to ensure security of your data and devices, and you can relax and enjoy your holiday!