Endpoint Detection and Response - EDR

Endpoint Detection and Response | Infopercept

Endpoint Detection and Response is a type of cyber technology that continually monitors, responds to, and mitigates threats.

The incidents that occur at the endpoints in the network are logged into a central database system where it is further analyzed and investigated by a software agent. An in-depth study into this helps prepare the foundation to be able to anticipate, monitor, and report events for better preparedness for future cyber attacks.

With the use of analytic tools, ongoing monitoring and detection are facilitated. The tools can help you identify tasks that can improve your organization’s overall state of security by identifying, responding to, and deflecting internal threats and external attacks.

Infopercept has partnered with a leading Endpoint Detection and Response solution, to perform the same level of essential functions that are of the same purpose; which is to provide a means for continuous monitoring and analysis to readily identify, detect, and prevent advanced threats.

The three broad categories of endpoint visibility include

  • Data search and investigations
  • Suspicious activity detection
  • Data exploration

The “Response” part of the EDR is addressed by Infopercept though highly sophisticated analytical processes. These processes help identify patterns and anomalies such as strange / suspicious activities, or unrecognized connections etc. Furthermore as these processes are automated, it triggers alerts for immediate action and investigation in case of any threat to the network.