Identity Access Management - IDAM

Identity Access Management - IDAM | Infopercept

Identity Access Management services is a combination of business policies and technologies that facilitates the management of electronic digital identities. With an Identity Access Management solution in place, IT managers can control and moderate a particular user’s access to critical information within an organization.

Identity and Access Management cyber security services allow system administrators to utilize role-based access control. This lets the administrators assign a particular role to an individual that defines his information access scope and capabilities within an enterprise’s information system or networks.

Infopercept acts as an Identity Access Management vendor, in combining all of the necessary control and Identity Access Management tools to capture and record user login information, manage the enterprise database of user identities and orchestrate the assignment and removal of access privileges.

Ensuring that the implemented IAM solution provides a centralized directory service with monitoring as well as visibility over every aspect of an organization’s user base.

Identity Access Management tools are used to safeguard the network and data be it in any form, software, hardware, or service. Use of the Identity Access Management Tools ensures minimized data breaches, seamless integration of disparate systems, advanced control and access of users passwords and account privileges among others. As a company that offers complete cloud infrastructure security, Infopercept aids in protecting your cloud assets such as applications, databases, and computing environment from threats and breaches.