The rate at which high profile cybersecurity breaches happen every day; it is clear that the adversaries have turned the digital world into a war zone. We, at Infopercept, call it “The Digital Warfare”. Every day when a breach occurs, it is a win for the adversaries and a loss for our businesses and cybersecurity professionals who take care of the security of the businesses.

The problem lies in understanding the way adversaries behave. They have launched a full-fledged war and their attacks cannot be combated without understanding the rules of this cyber war. In one of the great books written on War - the author of the book says, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Unfortunately, in this war against the adversaries, nearly half of the organizations neither know their enemy (cybercriminals) nor themselves; and the majority of the organizations don’t know their enemy. Hence, we see large scale data breaches happening all across the world.

With years of experience in successfully running “Security Operations Centers” for various organizations worldwide; Infopercept has designed a platform called Invinsense. Invinsense is an integrated tool which combines security solutions, services and strategy- all revolving around an attacker’s mindset. The threat intelligence that is generated with this integrated platform, helps organizations to predict an attacker’s behavior and gives enough scope to take action to combat such attacks before they create irreparable damage to organizations. On the surface it seems that adversaries are unpredictable, and they change their way of attacking each time. However, with research and study it has become clear that some portion of their behavior remains the same.

Any adversary has two aspects of their behavior- Techniques and Tactics. Often cybersecurity strategies are aligned in line with the techniques of adversaries and that is where the problem lies. Adversaries can change their techniques every time and can surprise cybersecurity tools and professionals. With Invinsense we have focused on the tactics of adversaries and the platform with its attacker sense, which helps organizations to combat cyberattacks by killing attack chains based on the tactics of cybercriminals.

Invinsense has integrated the cybersecurity innovations of the open source community into its solutions and has designed an integrated approach towards cybersecurity that can think and behave like adversaries.

Attack Chain

Attacker Image
Attacker Image

Invinsense - Infinite Digital Canopy

In digital warfare, you always face an indefinite, evolving and advancing adversary. You need so much more than basic senses – you need command of the unknown; you need sense of the unrevealed, you need…invincibility. Advancing from basic senses, we have gone beyond the sixth sense, we have uncovered the unified sense of experience, knowledge, and intuition – we have discovered Invinsense – the unrivalled formula for undefeated success – the blueprint of invincibility. Invinsense breaks the status quo of focus on techniques alone and works on the new exemplar of Tactics. All imaginations of the adversary are objective centric which is pre-empted by Invinsense’s Tactic based approach - modelled on Neuroscience and data backed experiences.

Combining strategy, services, and solutions, and its unique sense, Invinsense excels in optimizing your security with integrated processes and platforms, including a strong evangelism and applicability of open-source platforms and unleashes a new era of digital weaponry and is your invincible force in digital warfare.

Adversaries Win with Status Quo

Cyber Security is an evolved space and adversaries in this space are the most intelligent and evolved forms of the human species, just a lot astray. They have already mastered all the techniques you may apply in the war that they will engage you in. They use a deadly combination of diverting your generals in perceiving false battlegrounds and using your soldiers to lead them to your business treasures, which they then easily procure. Some damage may go completely unnoticed and few may take months, if not years to be even perceived. They do not stop here as they are not just here to breach security, they are here to ruin your reputation.

Adversaries Win with Status Quo
Businesses Win with Invinsense

The key to break the status quo of Adversaries overpowering cybersecurity war is adoption of Tactics over Techniques. Invinsense is designed using a Tactic based approach - modelled on Neuroscience and data backed experiences. As an ultra-modern security product, it counteracts on the adversaries by its ability to integrate with the attacker’s mindset. Invinsense comes in with a unique sense that metamorphosizes everything into a winning Edge for Businesses. Invinsense brings businesses the benefits of optimization and tactics along with great ROI and cutting-edge technologies with help of the best of Open-Source Platforms and winning cybersecurity professionals.

Businesses Win with Invinsense

Invinsense offers diverse senses suited for unique situations.

Invinsense offers diverse senses suited for unique situations.

Benefits of Invinsense

Benefits of Invinsense

Invinsense Advantage

You will never be defeated with Invinsense – your path towards success and your journey towards invincibility. Offering a heightened game plan combining strategy, services, and solutions, Invinsense optimizes your security with expertise, intelligence and innovation, while empowering you with infinite senses – making you invincible:

  • to manage the information security of your company 24/7
  • to safeguard your reputation
  • to help build in-depth defence strategy to prevent future incidents
  • to shadow your existing compliance team to maintain the best practices
  • to minimize the investment required on your IT resources and optimize
  • and finally, to be up to date with the latest threats and solutions.

OODA Strategy

Observe Orient Decide Act

Being able to decide and counterattack your enemy is vital in every battle.

In open war, your SEIM will observe the field, taking in every enemy, every weapon, and every tactic, and then alert your SOAR.

Visualising all possible points of assault, your SOAR will then orient the perfect counterattack.

Your soldiers will gear up with security solutions and EDR, to decide and launch your attack on the enemy and destroy them.

Observe Orient Decide Act
Offensive Defensive Strategy Against All Odds
ODS Sense

Offensive Defensive Strategy Against All Odds

All battles are a game of deceit, and with ODS you will perfect the art of deception and moving target defence.

The enemy will fire at you, aiming to destroy your Data Centre. But at the moment of breach, you will unveil your decoy and change the game by shooting your shooter.

Your army will also master moving target defence to engage and lure the enemy to attack you, and when they do ODS will misguide their aim with a moving target, rendering your enemy confused and vulnerable.

RBAS Sense

Red Team Breach & Attack Simulation

In digital warfare, we need to combine the skills of humans with the resilience of robots.

While your soldiers will use human intelligence to penetrate the battle wars, your robots will proceed to breaking through barriers, entering where humans are unable to.

This combined collaboration between man and machine will help you simulate multiple environments and contexts, to keep you armed in strategy and execution.

The RBAS simulation will keep your armies ready and rehearsed to face the adversary when he attacks.

Red Team Breach & Attack Simulation
Green Secure Optimize Strengthen
GSOS Sense

Green Secure Optimize Strengthen

Your organisation gets its own Strategy Dashboard where your C-suite holds the reins and has clear visibility of the battlefield.

Infopercept’s GSOS sense provides an overall management view of your organisation’s cybersecurity, aligned with OODA, ODS and RBAS, offering you an all-inclusive dashboard.

With the Enterprise Risk Module to assess risks, the Culture User Awareness module to protect users from phishing, social engineering etc. and Table Top Attack Simulation to enable table top dry runs of cyberattacks, the SOS module empowers your leadership to strategize, optimise and strengthen your Cyber War Quotient. Invinsense helps top management assess its path towards a Green SOS, proactively, while keeping the organisation away from a Red SOS.

Invinsense is a product by Infopercept - Empowering Clients Globally

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