Zscaler Confirms Only Isolated Test Server Was Hacked


On May 8, a hacker known as IntelBroker offered to sell access to the systems of one of the largest cybersecurity companies, which he did not immediately name. The black hat offered to sell credentials, passkeys and certificates for a total price of $20,000 in cryptocurrency.

The impact was limited to an isolated single server test environment (without customer data) not hosted on Zscaler infrastructure,” Zscaler said. “The independent third-party IR investigation, which conducted forensic analysis of the incident, is also complete, and the third-party findings are consistent with those of Zscaler

IntelBroker has been offering to sell data allegedly stolen from government organizations and high-profile companies since at least late 2022. One of his most recent victims is Europol, from which the hacker claimed to have stolen classified information.

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