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Security Information & Event Management

A Business's IT network is a goldmine of information and actionable data. At Infopercept we have a strong state-of-the-art SIEM implementation plan as well as valuable market insights due to years of experience in the Cybersecurity domain. Real time log monitoring is one of the best ways to ensure business data security and integrity.

A well suited SIEM implementation ensures the ability to systematically store, create and retrieve the logs for active Monitoring, Analysis and Compliance requirements.

An SIEM brings a wide array of security functionalities that are critical for an organization's IP security.

It helps an organization:

  • To enable better coordination between the different operations team like the NOC, SOC, Systems Engineers etc., by providing meaningful and actionable information.
  • Spot malicious activities delivered by exploits through Zero- Day- Attack.
  • To help carry out:-
    1. Cyber Forensic Investigations for your Business,
    2. Real Time Alerting, Reporting, Dashboards,
    3. Object Access Auditing,
    4. Security & Device Monitoring,
    5. Log Retention,
    6. File Integrity Monitoring,
    7. Security & Device log monitoring.

A SIEM solution enables you to be more productive and efficient in terms of focusing on your business needs and more confident and carefree about your business security infrastructure, allowing for faster turnaround and better ROI.

Nowadays, most businesses need an Information Security Partner, who has a thorough understanding of compliance and has a team of certified experts to implement, monitor & manage the various compliance tools. In addition to this, a centralized LOG management is critical to ease the log collection process from the different silos, analyze them, and identify a security incident.

A well implemented SIEM works around the concept of Adaptive Security Architecture - with a proactive approach of - Prediction, Prevention, Response and Detection of cyber threats that could hamper your business.