Company executives can’t afford to ignore cybersecurity anymore


According to Delinea, only 39% of respondents believe their company’s leadership has a solid awareness of cybersecurity’s position as a business enabler when asked about the Board and C-Suite’s understanding of cybersecurity across the organisation. 17% of respondents claimed that it is not viewed as a business priority, while 36% said that it is only significant in terms of meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

89% of respondents’ businesses appear to have had at least one adverse effect as a result of the misalignment between business and security objectives, with 26% of respondents saying that their business experienced an increase in successful cyberattacks. Misaligned goals had a wide-ranging effect on cybersecurity since they caused investments to be delayed by 35%, strategic decisions to be delayed by 34%, and unnecessarily higher spending to be incurred.

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