New Info Stealer Bandit Stealer Targets Browsers, Wallets


Bandit Stealer, a recently discovered malware that targets several browsers and bitcoin wallets while avoiding detection, is gaining popularity. Within the malware community, there is currently a rise in interest and promotional effort to promote malware use and awareness. While Bandit Stealer was created using the Go programming language, which may provide cross-platform compatibility, the focus of targeting is currently restricted to the Windows platform; however, it has the potential to grow to other platforms.

In order to do this study, we used the 64-bit binary executable sample hash (SHA256) 050dbd816c222d3c012ba9f2b1308db8e160e7d891f231272f1eacf19d0a0a06 that was written in Go. The operations and capabilities of this freshly found malware that steals personal information are described in the following sections.

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